The Journey to Becoming

Season 2 Trailer

May 12, 2021 Sabine Gedeon Season 2 Episode 0
The Journey to Becoming
Season 2 Trailer
Show Notes

Welcome back to season two of the Journey to Becoming Podcast.

In season two, you can expect to hear from leaders in their respective fields, coaches, consultants, speakers, authors, who have gone through the valleys and the mountain tops of their journeys and are ready to share tips, strategies, and all the tools that they've been able to implement in their own lives to take them where they are now.

Looking forward to sharing this content and helping you grow in this season!

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Transformed, The Journey to Becoming – Learn about my journey to discovery and triumph over adversity, and gain a better understanding of how to overcome traumatic life events, and courageously transform your life from the inside out!

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