The Journey to Becoming

How to Beat the Overwhelm w/Danni Wade

June 02, 2021 Sabine Gedeon Season 2 Episode 3
The Journey to Becoming
How to Beat the Overwhelm w/Danni Wade
Show Notes

Danni is a wife and mum to 2 girls, she works full-time as a Senior Sales Exec, is into her fitness, a property investor, as well as being a Productivity Coach.

So she gets it… life can feel completely overwhelming sometimes. She has experienced burn out, stress and reliance on sleeping pills.

Danni is the creator of the 9-step program called Beat The Overwhelm which takes you on a journey that includes:
• Mindset & Self-management
• How to set goals effectively
• Create positive habits
• Avoid distractions
• Taking control of your time
• Accountability & Momentum

Danni's approach is very ‘real’, and consists of a healthy dose of perspective, managing your inner dialogue, focusing on what you can control and breaking things down into manageable chunks.

Danni's Resources: Free download of the Belief Bucket Exercise available from
A great way of picking yourself up when times get tough, is to have a list of your achievements to hand, as well as a list of the things you have overcome to serve as an easy reminder of just how capable you are.

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