The Journey to Becoming

How to Find Balance & Increase Productivity & Results w/Julie Cass

July 07, 2021 Sabine Gedeon Season 2 Episode 7
The Journey to Becoming
How to Find Balance & Increase Productivity & Results w/Julie Cass
Show Notes

Julie Cass is a motivational speaker, certified health, life and business coach, yoga & meditation instructor, with a passion for helping others to find the balance between external success and internal peace. As a former owner and operator of multimillion-dollar business ventures overseeing hundreds of employees, she understands the drive to succeed as well as the stress and pressure that can come with it. She founded The Positive Change Group as a way to help those with a drive for success to reach their goals without losing themselves along the way.

Through Positive Change Group, Julie shares her innovative “Wholistic” approach with clients to empower them in all areas of life including health, relationships, home life, career, and wealth. Not only does she work directly with clients to create change in their own lives, but she shares valuable information across media platforms. Julie has appeared on Global TV, CHCH, and CP24 speaking on issues of physical and emotional health, relationship building, and women’s empowerment.

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