The Journey to Becoming

How to Move From from Entrapment to Empowerment w/Margot Zaher

September 29, 2021 Season 2 Episode 19
The Journey to Becoming
How to Move From from Entrapment to Empowerment w/Margot Zaher
Show Notes

Margot Zaher  helps individuals and couples get unstuck from stagnant lives and relationships by befriending fear, transforming beliefs, and shifting from overwhelm into inspired action so that they become unstoppable in the pursuit of their heart’s desires.

Margot is a certified professional coach, hypnotherapist, and EMDR Facilitator, and has over 25 years’ experience helping hundreds of clients get unstuck from mindset traps and manifest their best lives. She is the creator of the Relationship Reset Bootcamp and the author of the Amazon bestseller “The Golden Cage: from entrapment to empowerment” where she guides readers through a step by step approach to identify and break free of Life Cage’s.


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Relationship Reset Bootcamp at - for women who want to experience a radical shift in the level of connection, love, and intimacy in their intimate relationships!

Download the free Masterclass 3 Steps to Create Relationship Bliss This Masterclass will give you three simple steps to create more love, connection, and passion with your partner.

Check out the book "The Golden Cage: from Entrapment to Empowerment" on Amazon. This book leads the reader through a step by step process to identify and break free of their Golden Cages so that they can follow their heart's calling.


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Transformed, The Journey to Becoming – Learn about my journey to discovery & triumph over adversity & gain a better understanding of how to overcome traumatic life events & courageously transform your life from the inside out!

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